I am originally from England but have lived in the Aude area of France for 12 years.  I trained as a Bi-Lingual Secretary in the UK  and subsequently went on to work as a Translator at ICI for several years.

I have built up a knowledge of procedures and paperwork over the years, most of which have to be dealt with by everyone at some point.  I therefore have first hand experience of the bureaucracy here which at times is frustrating and full of stumbling blocks.  In the UK things can be relatively straightforward but here much time and money can be wasted if you are unable to speak the language or understand the workings of the system. Indeed many people have suffered much stress and panic trying to sort what started off as a simple everyday problem.  Let me take that stress away from you ! 
I have a network of fully trusted English speaking contacts who can help make your life easier here in France.  I am able to recommend the right person for your requirements.
I am an extremely motivated, organised person, who can be trusted with any matters, delicate or otherwise. I am completely reliable and will deal with any query in the correct way. Your satisfaction and confidentiality is my priority.